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What are the characteristics of a drawing die core with carbide ring?

1. PCD material is a CXD core material made by pressing and sintering. After various processing and testing, it can ensure the high quality of PCD diamond material. It is impossible to have the problem that the outside of the traditional film core is loose and the inside is soft, and the defects such as loose structure, cracks and abnormal quality that may exist in the diamond are fundamentally excluded.

    2. The unique taper design is easy to distinguish the inlet surface and the outlet surface, which can effectively realize the tight protection of the alloy ring to the PCD diamond, and can withstand greater impact force during wire drawing.

    3. Due to the large outer diameter of the alloy ring, it can provide enough centripetal support force and resistance to wire drawing for PCD diamond. Therefore, metal powder hot-pressing sintering is no longer required for external inserting, and the method of "cold inserting" can be carried out by means of interference fit.

    4. Because the method of embedded ring is adopted, the diamond material used may not be PCD with binder, or it may be high temperature resistant PCD with decobalt. It is high temperature silicon bond PCD, or CVD diamond. Using high temperature resistant diamond core (also known as mold core, mold base), it can be applied to high temperature and high speed filament.