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What is a Carbide Mechanical Seal Ring?

Mechanical seal is a shaft seal device of fluid rotating machinery, also known as end face seal. Seal ring is an important part of it. There are moving ring and static ring seal ring. , leakage between shaft and gland.

Because less leakage is required, the requirements for cemented carbide sealing rings are also very high. For example, the auxiliary sealing ring material is required to have good elasticity, low friction coefficient, resistance to corrosion, dissolution and swelling of the medium, and aging resistance. After compression and long-term It has no small long-term deformation during work, it has non-adhesive properties when used at high temperatures, it is not hard and brittle and loses elasticity at low temperatures, and it has certain strength and compression resistance.

It is also necessary to select the appropriate material of the sealing ring according to the physical properties of the fluid, because the selection of the material of the sealing ring will directly affect its service life. From the perspective of the long-term operation of the machine, the quality of the parts is also very important, so the machining accuracy, material selection, installation, maintenance, and use of the cemented carbide sealing ring should be strictly controlled. Start improving.